Study In Cyprus


Cyprus is in the Eastern Mediterranean islands and the also the third largest among the island. North Cyprus is characterized by a unique blend of mountains, plains and beaches. It has a population of approximately 3, 00,000. It is flooded with tourists all during the year. Nicosia being the capital of Cyprus was established by the Greek and Turkish.

Cyprus specifically excels in tourism, education and agriculture which are a part of the service sector. Cyprus joined the EU as a de facto divided island but the whole of Cyprus is EU territory. Cyprus is considered one of the top destinations to study because of its education system. The most important sectors of Cyprus’ economy in 2012 were wholesale and retail trade, transport, accommodation and food services. Economy operates on a free-market basis, with a significant portion of administration costs.

Why study in Cyprus

Higher education in Cyprus is affordable along with a healthy lifestyle. The weather is temperate in Cyprus although experiences gorgeous weather year-round. Cyprus is the English speaking country in Europe. It is considered as a major tourist destination; hence it provides its visitors with a safe and welcoming environment.

As Cyprus is located at the crossroad of Africa, Asia and Europe, it has experienced many different cultures through time. Be prepared for a diverse explosion of culture as you enter this beautiful mediterranean island. Students can work part time while they study in Cyprus. There are more than 50,000 university students currently enrolled in universities in Cyprus.

Students form 70 different countries enroll in these universities, thus one gets to meet people from all over the world. Cyprus is choice made by thousands of students. Students with average scores also find opportunities to select from the best colleges.